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Odin Corporation

Odin Corporation specialize in providing consulting and software development services. Our expertise includes UNIX networking and kernel development, internet consulting and web development.

Odin Corporation is connected to the Internet via a dedicated digital line and is capable of developing software for UNIX(BSD and SVR4) and NT operating systems.

We also offer hosting of web sites.

The company was founded in 1994.

Our customers:

Tandem Computers Inc.
    The company has provided UNIX sustaining services (system administration, porting, bug fixing, application and kernel debugging) to Tandem from April 1996 to date.
AEC Automation Inc
    UNIX(FreeBSD) kernel and application development (networking, X11, device drivers, kernel patching) for AEC Automation since 1995.
Imperial Rivets Inc.
    Developed web site.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois.
    PC support.
NFF faggruppe for manuell terapi
    Constructs and maintains their web site.
Trans Canada-Alaska Expedition
    Constructs and maintains their web site.

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